impact is rewriting how talent is discovered, projects are developed, writers are staffed, and the industry connects.

Founded by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, impact is  is a technology start-up, built to solve problems for for the entertainment industry by helping an helping solve an increasingly urgent need for productions – finding great, available, and qualified crew!

Making an Impact

impact has already sourced a variety of roles from PA to Art Director to Post-Production Coordinator, etc. for productions at Netflix, Apple TV+, NBCU, Paramount+, Disney+, and the list goes on!

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

The Impact Network connects the people who bring movies and TV shows to life – producers, crew, executives, writers, and talent.

Join now to showcase your skills, connect with colleagues past and present, find new crews for your upcoming projects, and bring your business in “the business” into the 21st century.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, impact is completely free to use! – and results are guaranteed within 48 hours.

Anyone hiring on a network/streaming TV pilot/series or major/studio feature film. the impact cannot be used forcommercials, short films, or low-budget independent productions.

Yes, we provide union candidates.

We have a database of over 1.1 million records that allows us to identify quality candidates worldwide!

No, candidates are added to our database via invitation only.

The foundation of our database was initially licensed from Variety Insights but we’ve also augmented it’s new profiles and production credits we’ve sourced from industry partners.

We thoroughly verify the credits of all of our candidates before they are accepted.

A union list is just that – a list. impact analyzes and tailors all the candidates we send you, saving you time by giving you amore qualified pool to select from.